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Website Proposal

Standard Contract

My company, is pleased to submit a proposal for the development of your Website.
The terms of this proposal are valid for 1 month after the date of the email.


The purpose of this website is to promote your corporate identity which will serve as the focal point for your online presence.

SERVICES will provide the following services during the development of your

•    Develop a page layout, look and feel to be used throughout the website.
•    Design the navigation scheme according to your instructions.
•    Develop pages of new content and incorporate into content in the form of text, photographs and images provided by you into the website.
•    Create a Contact us page incorporating a web form to minimize spam email messages coming to you from your website.
•    Create a Site Index (if required).
•    Create products (if required).
•    Create a products display (if required).
•    Create a Web-blog (Blog) page (if required).
•    Create a Forums) page (if required).
•    Create an link directory (if required).
•    Provide technical support after the website is online.


The following sitemap is proposed. The sitemap may change during the development of the website:

•    Home Page
•    About us Page
•    A Contact us page
•    Policy and Notices Page
•    Shop (if required).
•    Links (if required).
•    Article Pages (if required).
•    A Web-blog (Blog) Page (if required).
•    A Forums Page (if required).
•    A detailed Sitemap (if required).



I've made the following assumptions:

•    We will provide the images, clip art, animations, and custom graphics. (Features common to every page of the design banners, icons, etc. are not considered images.)
•    Follow-up support after the website is put online. This support can be in the form of website modifications, minor updates, technical support, or consultation.
•    Register a domain name (if required).
•    Host your website (if required).
•    We will write the text for pages such as Contact us, Site map, etc and help edit your text.
•    However you will at all times maintain total editorial control.


This proposal does not cover:

•    HTML instruction.
•    Computer instruction.
•    Website design instruction.
•    Website support beyond that specified.
•    Fees related to merchant accounts and online payment processing.


This schedule defines the major tasks to be completed during the life of the project. Individual tasks may be
added, deleted or moved as required to meet the demands of the design. The elapsed times are estimates and
may vary depending on workload, changes, customer submissions, and third-party service providers.

Stage 1

•    Proposal review
•    Contract signing

Stage 2 (7 to 15 days)

•    Decide on and register your domain name and hosting service provider
•    Design of site theme, look and feel, template selection, Fonts etc.
•    Development of navigation scheme
•    Finalization of site map, site layout, and final preparations for construction
•    Client review and approve

Stage 3 (15 to 28 days)

•    Receive content text for inclusion in your pages (I’ll review and edit this if necessary) plus any images that you would like to include and anything else that you would like to add.

•    Incorporation of your material into your website including creating your final the Site map, Contact us form, your Web-blog (Blog) page, a Links page and the other pages if required.
•    Test all links, forms and email addresses to make sure that they all work effectively.
•    Present your website to you for review and approval

Stage 4 (2 to 3 days)

•    Transfer and handover of ownership of the site to you when final payment received.



Website Design cost are as per our website.
Payment is be made by using PayPal if you are happy with this proposal.


You should expect the following recurring fees:

Annual Hosting Fee: £?
Domain Name Renewal: £?
Website Maintenance Fees: Free for the 1st 12 months (there after as required £?).


WEBSITE MAINTENANCE will provide periodic website maintenance and support as per our website. As our client, I want to help you succeed in any way I can. Therefore if you have a website related problem at any time, let us know how we can help put it right.

I guarantee that we will work to the best of our abilities to help you to make your web business successful. We want you to be totally delighted with your new website for if you succeed then we also succeed as word of mouth is the best possible type of advertising.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to quote on your new website. If you have any questions about this quote or your new website, please feel free to contact me.


Kind regards,
Colin Stables


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