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Website Design Mistakes

Posted on Fri, 26/04/2019 - 10:07

Huge Mistake No 1: Creating a Website with Flash. Did you know in a recent study, top Internet marketers discovered that having a website created with Flash, actually decreased the response from prospects and customers by as much as 370 percent?
 Here's why: Your prospects and customers are most likely visiting your website using all types of different computers, connection speeds and Internet configuration settings!

What may look great to one visitor may not even appear for another! You could very easily have shelled out hundreds or even thousands of pounds to have a website created using the Flash technology, only to find out that some of your visitors will never see it! (Not to mention the loading times can cause your visitor to close your website, never to return again.)

Huge Mistake No 2: The "Internet Catalogue" Approach you see this everywhere. Good, honest and hard working businessmen and women get online to sell their products or services, and have a website created for them that contains a link to just about everything they offer on one page. Their thinking goes along the lines of, "Oh well, I don't want to leave anyone out. If they come to my website, I want to make sure I have what they're looking for!" This way of thinking could not be further from the truth.

Here's why: There's an ancient rule that goes back to the very beginning of direct-marketing on the Internet, taught by the richest, most legendary and well-respected Internet marketers of all time!

"When you give your prospects too many choices, they become confused and aren't sure what to do next. Confused people never buy anything."
Huge Mistake No 3: Optimizing Your Sales Website for the search websites. You'll see this taught in nearly every "Internet marketing" course, manual or e Book out there."You must optimize every page of your website for the search websites " In fact, this false teaching is accepted as ' gospel truth' so often that most website designers will offer to do this for you at no, or little extra cost.

What they don't understand is that certain words and phrases must be either re-worded (to make it "keyword rich") or taken out completely, just to be looked upon highly by the mighty search websites and this could kill your sales, literally overnight.
Here's why: When you or a hired website designer optimize your sales page (i.e. any web page designed to sell your products and services) to get a higher listing in the search websites, you're going to have to sacrifice the pulling-power of your sales copy (i.e. written sales material) just to get those higher listings. Sure, this can bring you more traffic but what good is all the traffic in the world, if your visitors arrive at your website and aren't compelled enough to read why they should order your product?

For years, it has been taught that you should always try to find a "balance" of SEO mixed with promotional copy designed to sell your products and services.

Wrong Again! The truth is that you should never optimize your sales page for the search websites. Instead, you should create tiny "entry pages" for each keyword related to your product or service, (highly optimised for the search websitess) and have them link to your main sales page! (We can show you exactly how to do this quickly and easily and get *massive* targeted traffic from the search websites - without ever *touching* your sales page!)

Huge Mistake No 4: Having a "Graphics-Based" Website. Sure, graphics can certainly help us to visualize a particular situation or circumstance, product or service, But did you know that having a graphically-driven website can actually distract your visitor away from your sales message?

After all, your sales message (or "web copy") is The No 1 most important factor in a website that makes money. If your visitors are paying more attention to your "professional graphics" than your sales message you've just lost another sale.

Here's why: You've got approximately seven seconds from the time your visitor arrives at your website, to the time they decide whether to buy your product, get more information or leave. If you've got a graphically-intensive website, your website will most likely still be loading past your seven-second time limit.

That's a "customer-killer" in its self, however, the real reason lies within the fact that the bigger, brighter and more beautiful your graphics are, the more they will distract your visitor from your sales message. And if your visitor is distracted even for one second, it could mean the difference between getting a sale, and losing a customer.

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