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Step by Step Website Creation Tutorial

Posted on Fri, 26/04/2019 - 07:42

You can start building your own website by following the simple steps in this website creation tutorial. You don’t need to have web design or technical know-how as long as you know how to use website creation tools. Follow these steps and you’ll have an online presence in no time.

Think of a Domain Name

The first step in this simple website creation tutorial is to reserve a domain name. Think of it as the address of your website. You should take some time to decide on a domain name because it will be part of your branding. It should be something that is short enough that you can also get matching usernames for YouTube, Twitter and other social networking accounts.

Choose a Web Hosting Provider

Website creation and hosting go hand in hand. You might have the best looking website, but no one can see it unless you have a webhost, which is a company that houses your website. They provide storage space for web pages, scripts, email addresses, security, and a lot more. Most of them offer the same services, and it is recommended to get the most affordable plan from a reputable webhosting provider. They provide flexible plans that allow their customers to upgrade later as the website grows.

Start with the Step by Step Website Creation

Creating your website depends on the type of website that you want to have. You can use a Drupal website creation tool if you want to create a blog and take advantage of the themes that come with the platform. You don’t need any coding experience at all. You just need to find the template that you want to use, customise the website, and it is now ready to be launched. Some webhosting providers also include website creation programs that you can use for the job.

Kinds of Website Creations

There are two kinds of websites you can choose to make. The first one is a static HTML website. With this website, content is uploaded to the webhost and seen as is by the visitors. The second one is a Dynamic website that gets its information from a database and displayed on the web page.

Most of the websites today are Dynamic because creating static HTML site requires learning HTML or through online website creation tools.

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