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Static Brochure Websites

Posted on Thu, 06/06/2019 - 15:48

If you have a small, start-up business, most likely you have limited funds. A fully functional, high-quality website may not be your option yet. Still, you need to establish your presence on the web. Your best alternative option in this regard is by creating a brochure website design which can serve as your ladder to the World Wide Web. The brochure website cost is generally more affordable for businesses like yours compared to dynamic websites. Thus, you can have a good start in introducing your business on the web.

What are Brochure Type Websites?

The reference of the term ‘brochure’ eventually came as an extension of business sales. Brochure style websites allow you to establish your presence online and present valuable information to new customer in a way that is very easy to maintain and update. It comes in a static form, meaning; it offers pre-defined information to the user. This may include things such as company information, products and services offered, as well as integrate the use of text, photos, and interactive navigation and menus.

Similar to a real sales brochure, a web brochure can offer the same information and consistent details to all types of users. It is different from the dynamic websites in a way that they are far more simple and uncomplicated. Dynamic websites allow users to interact with customers in a more personal level through factors such as email sign-up, ecommerce, as well as user protected areas in the site.

The Benefits of Static Brochure Websites

True, a brochure web design may not be able to gather data or process orders just yet, but it can be a very effective marketing tool. Generally, brochure websites templates are composed of approximately 6 pages; therefore, you can place a lot of information, which may be communicated to your potential visitors. It can certainly provide your business with domain name and online presence. They are significantly lower in cost to build and develop compared to a dynamic website. Therefore, they are best for small businesses.

Brochure websites are also relatively easy to maintain. As a matter of fact, it can be easily maintained by just one person, or perhaps your provider. This makes the use of the brochure website being more affordable, effective and less time consuming to indivuals and smalll businesses. They will still be noticeable and ranked by Google website listings. Therefore, they can still be found by new and potential customers.

As previously mentioned, static brochure websites can serve as your ladder to the World Wide Web. This simply means that while you are still starting with your business, you can adapt this type of website design, and then eventually move on to a dynamic type of website as your business eventually grows.

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