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Lead Generation

2 days 21 hours ago
Lead generation is a critical step in the marketing process, but more important, it’s fundamental to business growth. In fact, a study by Marketo showed that companies with sound lead generation practices achieved at least 133 percent more revenue than enterprises that don’t have good techniques in place. And while business owners from organizations big and small,...
Anthony Lee

Inventory Management

4 days 22 hours ago
What is inventory management? As you’ll learn throughout this guide, it’s the core of any product-based business. It’s also a process that involves ordering, storing, and making use of inventory. But there’s more to it than that — it’s about knowing when to restock certain items, how much to make or reorder, how much you...
Bonnie Woodcock

What are the Top 7 PHP IDEs and Code Editors a Web Developer Uses?

5 days 18 hours ago
Confused to use PHP or any other web development languages? Are you looking for PHP website development? And not being able to select between best IDEs and code editors to build your PHP web design? PHP is preferred over other programming languages based on the project requirements. Here in this blog, we are going to...
Hemendra Singh

How to Sell Stock Photos

5 days 23 hours ago
If you are interested in photography, and you think you are good at it, you can earn a passive income by selling stock photos. How to sell stock photos is the first question that comes to mind, but don’t worry, we got you covered. First impressions have always been important, and usually, the first impression...
Noupe Editorial Team

Pros and Cons of Using AI to Improve Road Safety

1 week 1 day ago
Did you know that roads are deadlier than wars? Throughout the entire 20th century, a period when the First and Second World Wars took place, the generally accepted death toll stemming from political conflicts was 108 million. However, around 1.35 million individuals lose their lives as a result of a road traffic accident every year,...

Importance of a WordPress Theme Niche for your Website

1 week 3 days ago
Everybody wants to become the best in their industry offline, as well as online. For example, if you’re selling baby clothes online, then you probably want to be the best selling or the most appreciated eShop. If you have a travel blog, you definitely want to be an influencer for other travelers. Also, if your...

Three Strategies for Repeat Business – [Infographic]

1 week 3 days ago
Driving customer loyalty is one of the most value-driven marketing campaigns for a business to employ. That’s because a 2% increase in customer retention can lower business costs by 10%, according to Fundera.  The challenge, then, is how to curate loyalty with existing customers.  Begin from the start of the customer journey, and determine the...
Noupe Editorial Team

How To Utilize AI In App Development – Proven Ways

1 week 4 days ago
In 2020’s competitive world, Artificial Intelligence has become a buzz word with great exploration and immense growth in the business world.  The Innovator of mobile app development landscape are constantly trying to introduce some new and exciting features in their mobile app, making them future-ready.  However, the avant-garde mobile app development company is providing a...
Robert Adixon

Web Design Mistakes You Want to Avoid in 2020

1 week 4 days ago
When it comes to creating and maintaining a website, the first thing that comes to any person’s mind is a site’s design. Well, design matters indeed, moreover, it can even influence your website’s traffic, which in turn has an impact on the amount of money you make. In fact, a decent layout makes any website...
Alla Taff

What Makes a Good User Interface?

1 week 4 days ago
Two-thirds of users will rather read beautifully designed content in case they only have 15 minutes to stay online according to HubSpot.    What does it teach us?  In the modern economy, people are not buying products or services anymore. They are buying experiences (Forbes) or, in other words, visual satisfaction and usability.  So, to keep...
Ana Lastovetska

29 Best Airline Logos and Their Story

1 week 4 days ago
Billions of people use airlines to travel across the globe every year. Between local and global airlines, there are hundreds of airlines that compete with each other to provide the best travel experience. As a result, airline logos play a crucial part as branding is extremely important. Airlines don’t hesitate to pay huge amounts to...
Noupe Editorial Team

What Is Data Security?

1 week 4 days ago
Data security is a complex and often hard-to-grasp topic — unless you’re an IT professional who regularly deals with data and cybersecurity problems.  If that doesn’t describe you (and it probably doesn’t), it’s still important to understand data security so that you can ensure your sensitive data is properly safeguarded. After all, data is integral...
Monica Lin

How to Leverage Social Media to Become a Social Recruiting Expert

1 week 5 days ago
Social media has dramatically changed our lives in the past ten years. No wonder it’s also evolving the ways of approaching and recruiting potential candidates. Although many of us consider ourselves social media experts for personal use but using it for hiring the right candidates may be a bit more complicated. Attracting and getting the candidate that...
Waqar Ahmed

Beginner’s guide to creating a killer Customer Loyalty Program in 2020

1 week 6 days ago
Loyalty, Loyalty is something that every human needs in their life. Be it your partner, your pet, or your customers, and everyone hopes to get loyalty. You can never get enough of loyalty. Keeping your customer satisfied is a tough task in this competitive world. You need robust marketing strategies and innovative customer loyalty programs...
Manthan Bhavsar

15 WordPress Plugins to Increase Engagement with Readers

2 weeks 1 day ago
Do you have a content-rich WordPress website that you believe will help boost your business profits? Developing a feature and content-rich website is definitely the first step, but you cannot increase your conversions if you have not maximized the engagement on your website. You need to continually work on expanding and improving user engagement so...
Chirag Mudsa

12 Best Free UX/UI Prototyping Tools for Web/App Designers in 2020

2 weeks 2 days ago
A good prototyping tool can not only bring your design idea into life with ease. It also helps you to test, demonstrate, iterate and share your design ideas with your teams and stakeholders effortlessly. However, there are so many prototyping tools out there with different levels of functions. To find the most suitable prototyping tool...
Snow Hu

How to Become a Real Estate Agent

2 weeks 2 days ago
So you’re thinking about becoming a real estate agent? We get the excitement. Spending your time helping people find their dream homes can be rewarding. And getting the commissions that come with selling expensive properties, holding elaborate parties to drive sales, and playing a key part in developing neighborhoods all add to the allure. But...
John Kraus

How to design a brand tone that appeals to your audience

2 weeks 3 days ago
How impactful is a well-designed brand for growing your business?  It can be the difference between connecting with your audience and getting lost in the massive amount of noise in the world.  Every year, the internet gets more and more crowded.  In 2020, we’ll produce roughly 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day. Much of...
Daniel Ndukwu

Best practices for building a multilingual website

2 weeks 3 days ago
With the globalization of web-based services and e-commerce shipping across the world, it’s important to attract as many consumers to your website as possible. As such, building your website with localization in mind from scratch will ensure that you can easily modify your language selection without additional web development or adjustments to your CMS or...
Erica Sunarjo

Educational Technology

2 weeks 4 days ago
Today, the classroom is much more dynamic and innovative than it used to be. While in years past, the classroom was seemingly immune to digitization, that’s no longer the case. Nearly every kid of every age has a smartphone and a digital-first mentality.  Some teachers have fully embraced EdTech in their classrooms, while for others,...
Kimberley Tierney
57 seconds ago
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