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How Much Should It Cost To Build A Website

Posted on Wed, 05/06/2019 - 12:55

How much will a website cost?


Building a website has been easier than it used to be in the past. This is because of the availability of different tools available online for website development and design. The tools needed for building a website determined the cost of building the website.

The website domain name


The domain name is the address of the website, on the internet and without it, your visitors don’t have anything to type on search engines. You need to purchase it for a year and it will cost £10- £15 for a small website and more for a big and more custom charge is applied.

Website developer


This is the person or company that will help you with the process of website development and building of the website. A professional website developer will help you with the process of website development and maintenance. Other important features of the website will also be handled by the website developer.

Website builder


Whether a pro designer or a newbie, a website builder is what you need to build the website and make the process easier and faster. The most recommended website builder is Drupal or WordPress because of its invaluable feature and flexibility.

Web hosting:


In the real sense, the host is where a parasite lives and in website designing, the host is the home of your website. This is where your website sits and files are being stored there. There are quite a number of hosting you can choose from.

The cost of website hosting will be around £65 - £95 + for a year.


How much does it cost to maintain a website?


The first fact you need to understand is that the website is like a car. If you want to get the best from your car, there is a need to always check the fluids and other parts. The same thing applies to your website. There is a need to always maintain your website for proper functioning.


The real cost needed for maintaining and creating a website is not apparent from the onset. Tech is developing day by day. So you need to know that cost and performance go hand in hand.


When you launch your site, you make payment for the domain after which you are expected to pay an ongoing fee to keep using the space. This means you will pay the web host a certain amount to help you maintain your website or you might choose to hire an independent webmaster to help with the job. The payment is for you to continue using the space for your website.


The key elements that determine the cost of maintaining a website and the price attached will be explained below:



The cost of renting a domain is not much and shouldn’t cost you more than £5- £25 annually depending on the package.



Hosting a website is essential because it where your website can be found on the World Wide Web. It is advisable not to go for cheap hosting because of the downsides. However, the price of hosting ranges between £2- £5 and costlier hosting can cost as much as £20 + per month.

A web designer


Maintaining a website requires you to hire a web company, independent designer or DIY. The price you will be charged by the web designer or Web Company depends on the process and what you want to get done. A webmaster can charge about £95 for an hour while smaller web design companies can charge £35 per hour.


In summary, a small website is expected to spend approximately £40 a month for website maintenance and medium-sized website maintenance can cost approximately £100 to £300 a month.

Website Updating


A static website can result in a static business. Aside from the routine maintenance, there is a need to overhaul your website. You can update your website every 3 months. This helps you allow your website to blend with the latest Google Algorithm.


Why do you need to maintain your website?


  • To update your content

  • To take advantage of new features

  • To update the look of the website

  • To make the website more responsive


In conclusion, there isn’t a fixed price for website building and maintenance. It all goes down to the type of website you want and how often you want to engage in some website maintenance process.


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