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Features of an Ecommerce Website

Posted on Mon, 10/06/2019 - 10:37

It’s an undisputed fact that the benefit of having an ecommerce website cannot be overemphasized. However, it’s not about having an ecommerce website, it’s about having a perfectly designed ecommerce website that will keep customers on your website.

If you need an ecommerce website for your business in order to start online sales, there is a need for you to ensure that the website has the features that will be explained below.


With the elements listed below, your website will give you a better chance of becoming successful in your online business.

High-quality Imagery

For ecommerce store success, products image is crème. Ensure the images on the ecommerce website are of high quality and details. Just think of shopping online and you see a bad looking product? The product might be of good quality but if the image looks poor, there is little or no chance of getting customers.

If you are selling consumer items, it is advisable you hire a professional photographer to help you take high-quality photographs of your products.

Unique and neat web design

Your visitor’s view of your brand is dependent on the design of the website. If you have a cheaply designed and substandard quality website, the visitors will perceive your brand to be a substandard service provider. However, if you have a unique design and neat website, even if you are selling mid-range products, the customer will be forced to click before they look out for the price tag.

In short, ensure you have a clean website that is devoid of complicated, unnecessary and gimmicky features that can affect the buyer’s perception. An ecommerce website should have an inviting home page and navigation for subcategories.

A search function that is quick and accurate

You don’t have a good ecommerce website if the website doesn’t have a search function. A search function is a box where visitors can easily input the name of the product they are willing to buy. Most online shoppers have a busy lifestyle, so being able to get what they want within seconds can help make more sales. Nobody will want to spend hours checking each page of your website to search for a product.

The bottom line: If your customer finds it easy to search for what they want on your ecommerce website, you stand a better chance of making more sales.

The website must be easy to navigate

An ecommerce website that isn’t easy to navigate cannot be highly successful. If your visitor finds it easy to access your products for different requirements, you stand the chance of making more sales.

You can list your products in a more structured way to make it easier for your customers to browse through the available products on your website.

Additionally, having a website that is easy to navigate makes your ecommerce website rank well on Google and other search websites.

The bottom line: The commerce website navigation is crème so visitors can check out products as soon as possible and complete purchase with ease.

Well detailed description of each product

It is important that all ecommerce website owners spend time to create contents that are well detailed on the product description. Most times, ecommerce website owners copy and paste the product description from what their supplier provides them which is detrimental to the growth of the business. It is also detrimental to the effort of ranking your website on top search websites because most search websites have algorithms that punish plagiarized contents.

The bottom line: Ensure the product description is well detailed and written around your customer to help them have an understanding of the product.

Customer support

In the process of completing the purchase, some customers need help and might need to contact the customer support. If the ecommerce website doesn’t have the customer support details, it might hamper the visitor’s progress of purchasing from your website.

Customer support details like phone numbers, customer support page, or live chat page. Having customer support shows you really care about your customers.

Other features of a good ecommerce website include:

  • A good payment gateway: to help visitor complete purchase

  • Unique selling point: why your platform is the best place to shop

  • Information on delivery and returns

  • Terms and condition.


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