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Frequently Asked Questions


How much will a website cost?

Simply times the number of pages you require by the cost per page plus installation fee thats approximately starting from: £100.00

What is a domain name?

A domain name is a specific web site address ie: (domain names ending in .com,, and .gov for example ). Our domain name is:

What is a URL?

The best-known example of a URL (Universal Resource Locator) is the "address" of a web page on the World Wide Web, e.g.

What is web hosting?

Website hosting service allows individuals or organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web.

What is web site maintenance fee?

Web site maintenance is a fee is for to keep your site updated with new content that you provide or software updates.

What does SEO mean?

SEO means search engine optimization abbreviated because "search engine" deems it to be a poison word. Poison words, Stop words, or forbidden words, are the name given to words or phrases that a search engine considers inappropriate.

What are Meta Tags?

Meta tags are HTML codes that are inserted into the header on a web page.

What is web site optimisation?

All web pages need to be 'optimized'. This will enable your web site to gain a high page ranking with search engines which intern produces more visitors to your web site.

What does FTP stand for?

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol which is a method of transferring files i.e.: web pages for example from a computer to a web server which hosts your website

What does TLS/SSL mean?

Transport Layer Security (TLS) and its predecessor, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Online shopping websites frequently use TLS/SSL technology to safeguard the transfer of confidential user information, such as credit card numbers.

What does RSS mean?

When you "subscribe" to a RSS feed (Really Simple Syndication), the content will be delivered directly to your computer without giving out your email address. You can unsubscribe at any time and not have your email address listed in any email mailing lists.

What is the difference between CMS and CCMS?

To keep it simple CMS is a website built data system without the add to cart functions and CCMS is with the add to cart function.

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