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Advantages of Bespoke Website Design

Posted on Fri, 14/06/2019 - 21:36

Your website is one of the first places your potential customers get to see in their quest of wanting to know more about you  your business. There are various factors that could influence the final decision of such individual to use you or not. Most of what they look out for include the appeal and content of your website. Bespoke website design goes a long way in contributing to the appeal of your website, thereby directly affecting the conversion rate of your website. The definition and advantages of bespoke design website are discussed below.

1. What is a Bespoke Website Design

A bespoke website development entails a uniquely designed website that was designed from scratch. With the popularity of Drupal & WordPress content management systems (CMS) and other platforms for building easy websites, it is easy to just pick up a theme and design a website. Thus, a lot of people that should have use professionals, end up building their websites on their own. There are also people who give their websites to website design companies, not knowing their website are built with existing themes or templates. Companies that offer Bespoke web design services often go out of their way to develop a website design from scratch, based on current technologies and build them to be appealing. The benefits of bespoke web design are discussed subsequently.

2. Security

With templates, hackers can easily download the templates and know about how the templates work at the front end and at the back end. The same cannot be easily done for websites that are designed from scratch. With such knowledge, it is easy to hack into your website to get information or for other malicious purposes. Furthermore, since it costs the developer of the template or theme a lot of money because they are not designed for just one person or business type but they are trying to build for as many people as possible. The implication is that they add a lot of different features that might not be necessary for your website, making it more costly for them to build. The implication is that they sell such templates for a very long time to recoup their investment and make a profit. If such a template is used for your website like 5 years after its launch, chances are that updates to recent risks might not have been added. Such leakages could be exploited by hackers.

3. Optimization and Expansion

It can be very difficult to add more features to your website that are not available in the template that you used. Your only option might be the use of third-party plug-ins that could be compromised, riddled with bugs, insufficient or unreliable. Thus, you might be forced to sacrifice some functionality that you would have wanted on your website or opt for a plug-in you are not sure of its reliability. There is also the need for your website to be optimized to be fast. Using a template that has a lot of other features you are not using, with some having to load anyway, could compromise the speed of your website. However, a website that was built from scratch can easily be optimized and expanded the way you want it to be.

4. Technology

On a regular basis, new technological feats are achieved. This applies to website design as well. A lot of templates are old and do not feature the latest technological developments in some aspect. Not only can you build your website on the latest technology when they are built afresh, but they can also always update it as soon as a new technology that relates to their website is improved upon or innovated.

5. Expertise

It is easy for customers to easily spot a website template that was used based on an existing theme. Most templates often look alike and chances are that they might have seen the exact type of your template on another website. They could thus, doubt the professionalism of your site for just adopting a template. However, their respect for your website, and by implication, your firm, will increase significantly when they notice that it was built from scratch by a professional. It would reflect your company’s commitment to quality and they would be able to assume the quality and uniqueness apply to your product and services as well.

6. Uniqueness and Customization

Bespoke site design allows you to determine how your website will look. It will also be easy to give your website a unique look compared to most other websites, if not every other website on the Internet. When you have a unique website, it will be easier to impress your customers and give them an impression that you go out of the way to do your things differently and nicely. Templates also give an opportunity for people to tweak the design including images, colors, and font among others. However, there will always be limitations to how far you can go. With a bespoke web development, you do not have any limitations, except your knowledge and creativity. Any feature you want to add, you can easily find a way around it and add it. Your ability to customize the bespoke website will not be limited compared to the use of templates.


The need to make things easier has resulted in several innovations. One of such innovations is the use of templates in the design of websites. In as much as this gives a lot of benefits as individuals with little to no computer experience can pick up a template, customize certain parts and build their website, it comes with certain security risks. There are also a lot of benefits to using bespoke website design services as the solutions they would provide you will easily appeal to your customers and set you out from the crowd. Bespoke website developers will be able to provide you with a quality website that will convince prospective customers who have visited your website to use you.

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